Blue silk satin bow tie


All the know-how of the atelier is expressed here, revealing the rarity of our collections :

- drawn, cut and mounted by hand in Paris;

- It's up to you to tie it in your own way;

- envelope made of 100% silk satin from the Lake Como region in Italy;

- collar size adjustable by a hidden notch system, spaced every centimetre, covering sizes 37 to 46;

- knot height ≃ 6.5 cm


Delivery information : 

Your bow tie will be accompanied by its box sealed with the seal of our House using a French-made wax, from a recipe unchanged since the time of Louis XIV.

Delivery times and costs are calculated at the time of your order.

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To make your blue bow tie, we have chosen silk satin as the raw material, to give an elegant and delicate touch to all your outfits. 

How do I tie my bow tie?

Just like a tie, the bow tie you are going to make shows your creative personality, l'mood of the moment, l'desire and the passion that you devote to it!

Imagine shoelaces. The process is exactly the same. Even if it requires practice, the result will be all the more beautiful! 

Add a drop on each side of your bow to give it volume, presence, charisma and elegance.

Such an accessory should be worn in the most beautiful way! 

However, if you don't feel ready to tie your own bow tie, check out our range of pre-tied styles here.

How to wear my bow tie?

There are different types of shirt collar with which it's easy to wear a bow tie. The first is the dress collar, reserved for smocking. As this collar doesn't have a flap, it leaves the bow tie stem visible. That's why we opted for a notched finish. A silk strip on the outside hides the notch on the inside.

With an eye for a job well done, no more unattractive plastic buckles wandering between the broken collar and the smocking jacket.  

If you want to wear your bow in other circumstances, we recommend classic collars with moderate openings. Please note that the height of the collar base should also be reasonable (2.5 / 3 cm maximum). 

How to match my blue bow tie?

For a dressy toilet, choose midnight blue or very dark colours!


Would you like to know more about us? 

Read our interview with the founders of the "French Apartment" shop.

Enjoy your reading! 

You can find some of our models in their shop, at number 27 rue du Bourg Tibourg, 75004 Paris.


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