EMERGENCY ELEGANCE KIT: 3 fold navy blue silk satin tie + a bow tie of your choice



All the know-how of the atelier is expressed here, revealing the rarity of our collections :

- tie & bow tie traced, cut and assembled by hand in Paris ;

- bow tie height ≃ 6,5 cm

- envelopes tie & bow tie composed of 100% silk satin, from the region of Lake Como, Italy ;

- 3-ply tie ;

- hand-lined tie ;

- collar stitching immobilizing the tie once the shirt collar is folded over ;

- our "bourdon chenillé" on itself, in pure silk, milled in France ;

- total length tie ≃ 147 cm

- width biggest panl ≃ 8 cm


Delivery information : 

Your ELEGANCE EMERGENCY KIT will be accompanied by its box sealed with the seal of our House using a French-made wax, from a recipe unchanged since the time of Louis XIV.

Delivery times and costs are calculated at the time of your order.




Whether it's for a business dinner, a wedding (Congratulations!), an evening at the Opera, a New Year's Eve party, or for your own personal enjoyment, Dare in Paris accompanies you in each of those moments of life that matter most to you.

But these moments can also be very scary, and the question of what color tie/bow tie to wear will quickly arise.

Also, we propose a model of plain blue tie, made of silk satin and structured in 3 folds. A classic, timeless!

On the other hand, you are free to choose your bow tie: navy silk satin to blend in with your tie? A bit more classic and you play the black? Or very daring, by selecting the off-white...

For the more adventurous, our bow ties are also to tie yourself.

The height of refinement?

Delivery information : 

Your EMERGENCY ELEGANCE KIT comes with two boxes sealed with the seal of our House using a French-made wax, from a recipe dating back to the time of Louis XIV. 


Would you like to know more about us? 

Read our interview with the founders of the "French Apartment" shop.

Enjoy your reading! 

You can find some of our models in their shop, at number 27 rue du Bourg Tibourg, 75004 Paris.

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Bow tie of your choice

Off white, Navy blue, Black