Ancient Madder 3 fold sartorial tie, paisley pattern



All the know-how of the atelier is expressed here, revealing the rarity of our collections :

- traced, cut and crafted by hand, in Paris ;

- full canvas, based on wool ;

- hand rolled edges : each of our models is unique ;

- fabric made of 100% silk, from the region of lake Como, Italy ;

- collar stitching immobilizing the tie once the shirt collar is folded over ;

- our "bourdon chenillé" on itself, in pure silk, milled in France ;

- total length tie ≃ 147 cm

- width biggest panl ≃ 8 cm


Delivery information : 

Your tie will be accompanied by its box sealed with the seal of our House using a French-made wax, from a recipe unchanged since the time of Louis XIV.

Delivery times and costs are calculated at the time of your order.


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We interlace your madder along its entire length to ensure it stays in place. Like a tailor's jacket, we use a wool-based fabric. We roll the edges to give you comfort and lightness.

The term Ancient Madder refers to the process of printing on the fabric. The silk twill is boiled and then screen printed. This allows each pattern  to have a very intense colour  because the pad used will be under strong pressure.

It is a long and meticulous process to which is added a dyeing which notes the colour brilliance. Finally, a bath in gum arabic leaves this impression peach skin so sought after by connoisseurs!

How do I tie my tie ? What type of knot(s) can I use ? 

This is the most interesting question you have to answer. We can only give you some indications.

Silk is a stretchy material, so it is very pleasant to the touch and easy to tie.

For the above presentation, we have opted for the single knot. The density of the silk being important, we do not recommend the use of the double knot (or Windsor knot). Being usually a very large knot consuming a lot of fabric it is by definition very thick. In our opinion, combining the two gives an unattractive result. The half Windsor knot, close to the single knot, is possible!

On the other hand, the double knot goes perfectly with a tie without interlining and preferably in printed silk : see our 7 fold models.

Good to know For reasons of proportion, we recommend wearing your tie with a shirt that has a relatively wide or very wide opening. We also recommend a collar stand height of more than 2.5 cm to better highlight your knot and tie.

Bonus : the tie knot shows your creative personality, your mood of the moment, your desire and the passion that you devote to it !

How can I wear my Ancient Madder tie more casually and naturally?

The Madder works well with casual fabrics, such as tweed or denim shirts, for an English feel.
Once you've tied your tie, leave the small flap outside the large flap.
Or leave the small flap out as the knot forms for a very stylish, yet elegant, look.

How do I match my patterned madder tie?

Here are three possible avenues of reflection, but above all have fun !


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Read our interview with the founders of the "French Apartment" shop.

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