The sartorial tie

The Dare in Paris's tie is intended to be "sartorial", which defines it as an accessory related to tailoring, to classic elegance and which must be made by a tailor.

The tie is cut with scissors and made entirely by hand by craftsmen with the most advanced skills.

Producing our sartorial tie collections in France and in Paris is for us a question of ethics. We like to put forward the local know-how that we defend.

As a result, we have obtained the "Made in Paris" label for the year 2022, a guarantee of absolute quality!

The House of Dare in Paris therefore has a resolutely Parisian DNA!

Discover our unique pieces

In silk only!

Our fabrics range from printed silk, to printed and madder-dyed silk, to Jacquard-woven silk.
Some of them are among the lightest in the world!
They are chosen from the workshop's archives and available in a maximum of 10 pieces.

Patterns made on printed silk in Italy
Vivid and deep colour drawings due to Madder printing
Examples obtained with a Jacquard loom

The Dare in Paris's 7 fold tie

It is truly the queen of ties!

Firstly, your 7-ply tie is not lined or trimmed; it is made of silk only.

In addition, it is constructed in two parts and requires at least one meter of fabric.

Secondly, you should know that we don't use any tri-folds along its entire length; your model holds itself together with its folds.

Finally, the hand-rolling gives it a very light finish; this tie moves naturally with your movements.

In conclusion, we offer you a true experience of the craft!

Discover our 7 fold ties

The Dare in Paris's 3 fold tie

It is a tie that is fully woven along its entire length with a wool-based fabric, giving it its final structure.

Like our 7 fold tie, your model has similar features.

For example, you will find the supple thread, or the hand-rolled thread, which is very popular with both amateurs and connoisseurs.

In addition, you should know that hemming the edges of a tie is a job that keeps the craftsman's attention for more than twenty minutes.

Finally, this model gives pride of place to the details and finishing touches of a handmade tie!

Discover our 3 fold ties

The signatures of the House of Dare in Paris

First, we cut the bridle directly into the fabric of your tie
Then the drone is sewn with a pearl silk thread, another high quality detail
Then, thanks to the collar stitching that stiffens the collar, your tie stays in place
In addition, the reserve thread allows your tie to regain its original elasticity
Finally, there is the hand-rolled finish which is the "couture" finish par excellence!

Would you like to know more about us? 

Visit the excellent blog written by our good friend Boras, to learn more about our work and our commitments!

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