The 3 fold hand-lined tie


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We interlace your hand-lined 3 fold tie along its entire length to ensure it stays in place. Like a tailor's jacket, we use a wool-based fabric. The lining on the large and small panels finishes off your piece neatly.

How do I tie my 3 fold hand-lined tie ? What type of knot(s) can I use? 

This is the most interesting question you have to answer. We can only give you some indications.

Silk is a stretchy material, so it is very pleasant to the touch and easy to tie.

We opt for the single knot because the density of the silk is important and we do not recommend the use of the double (or Windsor) knot. Being usually a very large knot consuming a lot of fabric it is by definition very thick. In our opinion, combining the two gives an unattractive result. The half Windsor knot, close to the single knot, is possible!

All the know-how of the atelier is expressed here, revealing the rarity of our collections :

- traced, cut and crafted by hand, in Paris ;

- full canvas, based on wool ;

- fabric made of 100% silk, from the region of lake Como, Italy ;

- collar stitching immobilizing the tie once the shirt collar is folded over ;

- our "bourdon chenillé" on itself, in pure silk, milled in France ;

- total length tie ≃ 147 cm

- width biggest panl ≃ 8 cm

Delivery information : 

Your tie will be accompanied by its box sealed with the seal of our House using a French-made wax, from a recipe unchanged since the time of Louis XIV.